Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fragments

} Monday: Pay Day! But alas, it's all gone already. However, great dinner conversation with friends and new pastor reaps much better benefits. Bill starts blaming me for getting the hint of a cold.

} Tuesday: brought home a "young-un," the art show winner. At 16 she goes stir-crazy quickly so she joined me on a dinner run for the newest parents inour church. I actually held their gorgeous little newborn. She pooted then smiled while I was holding her. And why do people want me to have one of these?

So back at home, I had the hairbrained idea to move my piano out of the back bedroom into my office so the bedroom could officially be made into a bedroom and not the 'catch-all.' Perfect timing with someone to help me! So we moved furniture around to try to get this thing into the hall then into the office. What we discovered is that 58" does bend into 50" of space. No go on the move. SO - the piano now needs to find a good home. If you have that good home - it's free, just come and get it. The only thing it needs is a good tuning.
Bill's cold is in full-force - still blames me for starting it. How many Mucinex can a person take in a day?

Wednesday: Roots & Fruits class is turning out to be completely fantastic. Redid my blog design a little. Starting to branch-out some more. Finding out there are a LOT more like me in the world! Bill STILL has a cold & cough - doubling the Mucinex dosage.

Thursday: more like turdsday. Storms came through and knocked out the power in our office building - get to go home early! So I got to spend the day with my best sister-friend! However - she was babysitting her 3 1/2-yr. old niece. And poor "Nutmeg" is still trying to get the hang of actually doing the #2 in the toilet and not in her pants. And boy, was she on a roll yesterday! More like it just kept rolling out of her! She went through 6 pairs of panties....and aunt Kim was close to the end of her wits. When she was on pair 5 - we decided we needed a break. Off to Dairy Queen! Loaded the "load" into the van and off we went. This is what it looked like on the 10-minute trip back to the house. Unfortunately for everyone, this was all the nap she took all day long. And why do people want me to have one of these?

Bill still has a cold and feels very yucky. Didn't even call me in the evening - I think he and Tom slept as soon as they got home.

} Friday: oh, Friday. What do you hold in store for me today? Work, for sure. Movie? Maybe. Churchill Downs dinner with work - who knows? Time with my fur-babies - most definitely! Will Bill start to feel better today? He'd better - I don't want to catch it again ;-) !

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shopannies said...

used to have a saying when it was pay day steak was ordered and after that it was bean for the rest LOL

Mrs4444 said...

Your blog is adorable; love the clean/open-ness, swing and the layout. Sure wish I could take that piano off your hands! If I were you, I'd stick with the furry variety for a while; they're much cleaner and more easily amused. :)

You sure are a natural with the fragments, my Friend! Don't forget to link back to me, if you don't mind :) That way, if your friends decide to do a FF post, too, they'll know where to link up :) (And thanks for taking my button!! You're a sweetheart.)