Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hungry, Hungry, Hummingbirds

I love the change of season. Every Spring I get my list of projects ready, and one of my favorites is to stock up on sugar to feed the hummingbirds. These little high-energy feathery rockets go through more sugar in one month in the Summer than I go through the whole year myself! And for those of you who want to attract hummingbirds - don't be fooled by the red stuff. They LOVE plain ol' sugar water. I put about a cup of sugar in a 32oz fast-food cup, fill with water - leaving over an inch or two to be able to stir - then pour into the feeder. I end-up refilling every week!

I have a small maple tree that they nest in every year. And every year in May - mom comes home to roost. By the end of Summer I have about eight little guys and gals zipping about my yard. It's certainly a sight to watch. Between my colorful mini hoverboards to the rhythmic glows of the lightning bugs - I could sit and watch for hours. Well, this morning I got a sincere thank you. I have three feeders out this year - normally just two. One feeder is right out my front door off the porch. The little red-breasted guy was a little startled to see me come out the door! But then he hovered in front of my face to just say thanks for all the extra juice! At least that's what I HOPE he was saying!


Lynn said...

Don't you love to watch them? We have two feeders... and one small male in particular is VERY territorial!! He cracks me up... and when we put up the second feeder this year he just about popped his head off trying to watch them both!!!

Mrs4444 said...

That's so cute! We have one feeder on our livingroom window, and I love watching our cat sit on the couch next to it and try to catch the HB, who knows the cat can't get him and teases him mercilessly. Very entertaining; those hummingbirds :)

ratlady50 said...

Love those birds. Haven't seen as many yet this year hope they come back.. I have been missing them.
Love your picture. Will have to let you see the pictures I took last year I got up close pictures.

petrii said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my corner of bloggy world =)

I heart hummingbirds. I have a feeder, but no good place to put it. Right now it's in the sun, so I need to move it. Maybe I'll do that today. You've inspired me!!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Thursday,