Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life is a *itch

As you can see, I've changed the look of the blog again. Just slightly though. And I've changed the title. I actually got inspired by Mama Kats' Wednesday writers challenge question: Tell us about your long have you been blogging, when did you start, what were/are your goals for your blog, etc.

I've been blogging for a couple of years now. The look has changed multiple times and so has my purpose for it. My initial blogline was "Life is a Daring Adventure, or Nothing..." based on the quote by Helen Keller. This amazing lady who was both blind and deaf has many insightful writings that give inspiration to many. I wanted to be able to show how life really can be a daring adventure. However, through my 2-year blogging journey, I have found there is so much more. So I've changed my blog title to "Life Is..."

Because life really is so many things, I thought about it while doing dishes at work (that's how glamorous my job is :-) ). The first thing that comes to mind is the saying I grew up with is "Life is a *itch, then you die." And you all know what that word is, don't even try to fool me! So I thought about it - what is a *itch?

The Webster's description is: 1: the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals, 2 a: a lewd or immoral woman b: a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse, 3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant, 4: complaint.

Then I thought about the Proverbs 31 woman. There's no mention of her being malicious, spiteful, or overbearing or difficult or unpleasant at all. In verse 25 it says: Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future. I want to smile at my future! Does she smile because she has not one hint of *itchness in her? Is my own *itchy-ness holding me back from being worth more than jewels to someone?

I think about that Proverbs 31 woman quite a bit. She's got a lofty standard for us to live up to as women. She's rumored to be Solomon's mother - you remember her? Bathsheba....David & Bathsheba! If it really was her...oh, the grace that abounds! God is amazing to have such an impact in a woman's (or man's) life and perspective. This Proverb was written ABOUT her ... I wonder what she actually thought of herself? Regardless, she is an example for all women to look to and ponder.