Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Solstice

It's that time of year again - Summer has officially started. This year it fell on Father's Day. So I hope everyone enjoyed the longest day of the year!

Every year for the Summer Solstice, people flock to Stonehenge in Great Britian to watch the sunrise and for those who don't know Christ, worship the sun (you know, instead of worshiping the SON). I personally would love to experience this - just to see the sunrise through those rocks. However, it's more like a Woodstock experience - and that - I can do without.

But what I am certainly looking forward to is soaking up as much daylight as I possibly can for the rest of the Summer. Since Sunday was the longest day - they only get shorter from here. At least till December!


petrii said...

I heart summer and have a sunburn to prove it =)

Hope you are having a beautiful day,

Mrs4444 said...

I've never been there but would love to go. I'll just cross that particular date off the calendar; thanks :)