Thursday, November 1, 2007

Support the Troops

Hey all. I found some deployed troops to keep in contact with and have volunteered to be one of their encouragers from back home! I am so excited about this. I've had military members throughout my family and have some friends in the military (and let's not forget our own Private Ryan Larson), and I am a firm supporter of the troops. I think these guys and gals are the real superheroes of the world - along with anyone who works in harms way to keep civilians like me safe (firefighters, police, etc.).

Here's some of the first correspondence - just lets you know who they are are, and I've posted the picture Skip sent me:

> Hi Christy
> Thank you so much for responding. I will definetly pass your info on
> to the other guys in my squad. As you know, I am a squad leader for D
> company, 1/158th Infantry. We are a Army National Guard unit out of
> Az. We are past the half way part of our deployment here in Farah,
> Afghan. The hot months , in whch the temps reached 150 degrees,are
> behind us. Now the cold is starting to creep in, which is a much
> welcomed change. Life here is Ok. The Taliban keeps us busy, but it
> makes the time go by. Thanks again for responding. I look forward to
> keeping in touch.
> Take Care

I asked what they would need in some care packages and I plan to send something in the next week if anyone wants to pitch in. They're looking for entertainment items: dvds, cds, magazines. I told him I'm sending some cartoons -- that's what I have most of! But I think they would appreciate anything we can send.

We talked last night in Joe's small group about encouraging one another - having accountability partners - having each other's back in the midst of spiritual battles. We made a lot of connections to military troops - like brothers/sisters - willing to put their lives on the line for each other and even perfect strangers. By the way, do you think this is the size of the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem?