Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sad News, Crazy People, and White Christmas

For those of you who were affected by the overturned semi on Hwy 150 yesterday, it turns out it was my ex-step-uncle that was driving the semi. He didn't make it. Please keep his family in your prayers as well as my mom, she's been the one that more a part of that family than I was.


Crazy people run the world, I tell ya. At these meetings I make sure the room's all ready, food is available, temperature is comfortable, copies and printouts taken care of, and any other requests that come up. Makes for a busy day when you have 17 board members, 4 staff, multiple corporate people, ad agency people, vendors and extra franchisees.

Well, yesterday was a full room day. More local people showed up than anticipated. No big deal - I can get more chairs, the issue? I shouldn't have had to. There were a few selfish people who decided that not only did their butt need a chair, but so did their coat, and so did their laptop, etc. So instead of being willing to put their coat on the back of their own chair, or put their laptop on their LAP...they made other people stand around until I could get chairs hauled in. It was one of those "I can't believe we're still in Junior High moments." A lot of these people certainly do not have servants' hearts.

And they've just been goofy acting - like the world is coming to an end if their need is not met within 1 minute. And I've also decided that just because the 5-carat ring on someone's hand is REAL - does not a gracious person it make. Whew...that dinner was an experience. I got an education in what a "serious social faux pas" is. Turns out to be a hilarious story.


And White Christmas! I got treated last night to the broadway version of White Christmas! It was more amazing then technicolor. It was very strange to have just gotten the news about the death in the family - then the show started....literally. I even got yelled at by the usher to turn off my phone a minute before the show started. But I have to tell you - this was an absolute blessing for me!

I love the movie - and they certainly do it justice. Although, no one can REALLY replace Bing Crosby, he still did a nice job. They had to adjust the story in a couple of places, but for the most part - it remains true.

It was FULL of music and dancing of course - and the costumes! So colorful! Check out the final wardrobe below.

Then we walked back to the hotel - seeing all the lights and store windows. Having just seen White Christmas live. The tree gets lit tonight at Rockefeller Center - it's big and beautiful! I'm finally getting in the Christmas mood.


Lynn said...

Christy... I'll keep your mom in prayer....

... and isn't it amazing... a coat / laptop taking top honors over the comfort of another human being... ahhh... the world we live in today. Always amazing.....