Sunday, March 14, 2010

When the Master plays

Our pastor told an illustration today with his message that is sticking with me. It was about this master violin player that played in concert halls all across the world with his Stradivarius violin. One day he decided to do an experiment - he would play in the subway.

So he took is 1700s violin and went to play his top 4 famous songs in the Subway. The rush of people continued to pass by this violin player with his case open wide as if to beg for a dime. The children were amazed at the sounds, but pulled along by parents. No one stopped to listen. No one stopped to be amazed. No one stopped to hear the Master play the violin.

Just like Lynn's blog spot about Thunder, this is a great illustration of listening to God. I just never want to miss the opportunity to hear the Master. And I think I've been doing better with that in my life lately. So much that I just HAD to make a lasagna dinner for some wonderful people that are in the hospital with their baby girl, Emily.

I say HAD, because as some of you know, I'm on the Atkins diet - no lasagna for me. Well, I could, but I'd had to take out the lasagna. But have you ever had one of those days where you just KNEW you needed to do ______. That was Friday. I just KNEW I needed to take them a homecooked meal. And being the fantastic people they are loved it and was very appreciative. It was a total pleasure to do it for them. And I got to spend real time with them. It was awesome. And to hear all about their journey with Infantile Spasms, wow. I encourage you to check out Erica's blog. She's a great mommy with a huge heart and has this blog to share her experience and make connections with others going on similar paths.