Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Honored! A blog award!

My friend, Lynn, has just honored me with my FIRST blog award. This'll be fun.

The rules...

1. Thank the person who gave you the award... THANK YOU LYNN!


2. List seven (7) things about yourself that people don't know.

Wow, that may be hard. If you've read my blog for any length of time you know a lot already. But let me HAS been awhile since I've blogged.

1. I am officially a professional life coach. This is a career change for me in the past year. I have a marketing background, but life coaching really allows for transformation in people's lives. I finally feel I'm who God created me to be :-).

2. I have a secret vice of watching Days of Our Lives. It's that nice little escape from not only my reality - but a lot of the world's reality. Seriously, that period when Marlena was a demon, and how many times can people come back from the dead? The baby switches, and uncovered secrets played out over WEEKS, all the twists & turns and dramatic pauses. But I think what I like the most - the hairstyles. I really wish I could do some those styles myself. Maybe I should work in a personal hairstylist to my future goals.

3. I have no interest in watching any of the Twilight movies or read the books. Now, that statement may knock me out of or never allow me in some social circles. Oh well. Now, Harry Potter or Star Wars - right on! Wonder if it's because it's directed specifically to women (chick-flick), which I just stay away from.

4. Just like Lynn, I'm a band geek. Yep, that's me. I taught myself to read and play music long ago, still have my instruments, and even taught marching band/flag corps for awhile. In fact, a couple of my former students are talking about doing a "reunion." I hestitated to say "old" students, because that would make me old too. Not happening.

5. I don't like the word geek anymore. Do you know what the original definition of "geek" is? Check here for the full version. How did it get so distorted?

6. I talk to myself a lot. That's why having pets ar a good thing. It's an excuse to talk outloud as often as I want. Lately though, I just feel like I talk to the Holy Spirit or whatever angel is on duty for the day.

7. I'm going on another mission trip - to Romania this time. I would have tried to do both Romania and Philippines, but the dates are the same time. I'll be going to Tinca, Romania, a gypsy village to simply be the hands and feet of Jesus. We're doing a 5-day VBS, prayer walk, relationship-building with families and older people who need some basic supplies. Plus, I think there's "football" involved. Wonder if I'm coordinated enough to kick a soccer ball?

So that's seven. And I would love to pass along the honor to: Mrs. 4444, Chris, and The Prairie Maid! Check them out along with Lynn


彥安 said...

你的部落格不錯哦,支持!!!!@@ ............................................................

Mrs4444 said...

Well, of course I'll do it! Right after you do this:

Thanks for thinking of me!!

I'd also like to hear more about your job as a Life Coach. Have you written posts about it?