Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Do you have fifty things to do in a day, but only time for 20?  What about that workout plan you swore you'd keep up with at the first of THIS year, so you'll just renew that resolution next year.  What about those books that are on your list?  Is blogging and facebook time diverting your attention from just moving your body?

I know for me, it's been hard to get away from the computer. I have had office jobs my whole life - sticks you in a chair behind a desk for the bulk of the day.  Between the time behind the desk and the commuting time (used to be 2 hours a day), my poor body was crying out for some much needed activity.  Since I've been out of the mainstream workforce I've been able to add in some activity: work in the yard, organizing the house, helping in the greenhouse this summer (sweating like I was in the Philippines every day).  But now that I'm starting my own businesses (coaching practice and jewelry shows), I spend more time behind the computer again.

A friend of mine on facebook inspired me with a solution!  She had created a laptop desk of sorts for her treadmill!  I loved it so much that I found some materials in the barn and created my own.  Check it out!

This is a fantastic set-up!  I walk about 1.8-2.2 mph and can still type or read or write notes...fabulous!  It takes me longer than normal to get to a mile; however, movement is movement!  Now I'm getting back in the groove of getting some more weight off!  And this is the best form of multi-tasking EVER!


Rebecca Jo said...

Now THATS awesome!!!!!

I told the kids one night about how I was on the treadmill, listening to my ipod, while reading the subtitles on the TV in front of me, with Ricky talking to me, WHILE I was on the phone with Julie!!! :) I can add in a computer now too!!!