Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gettin' Organized!

As part of my SIMPLIFYing 2011, I decided some organization was in order around my house and home office.  Most people think I am already highly organized, but I want to get to that easy-to-maintain organized, thus simplifying my life. However, I've had this huge realization hit me today. To clean-up you have to clean-out. 

Have you ever watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Every time they do a new home, the old one has to go - everything gets cleaned out for a fresh start. There's another show, "What Not To Wear."  Same concept - they have to clean-out the closet to clean-up the person's fashion, and sometimes their lives.  Alcoholics Anonymous' 4th step is: take a fearless & moral inventory of yourself.  This is the clean-out part of that process. 

The same holds true for our own selves.  We should regularly take a fearless and moral inventory of ourselves then decide what parts can stay, and what needs to be cleaned out.  That's the beauty of free will and power of choice. It's up to us to acknowledge awareness, accept what's there, decide what to keep and get rid of, then take action to do it. 

What would 2011 look like for you if you were to break cycles, clean-out negative thinking, find an accountability partner to check your progress, and ultimately clean-up your self?  Or even your closet? Or garage? Or something as small as a junk drawer?  It all starts with your mind - clean it out! 

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." (Romans 12:2)