Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"You've Got Mail"

What is it with the anticipation of getting that next message from someone you like? 

Remember that movie, "You've Got Mail?"  This movie's theme is a classic.  Two people in love through the written word - email in this movie, letters in the Judy Garland classic, "In The Good Old Summertime."  Turns out for each of these, the two people actually disklike each other in person. One finds out the other is their secret message "love," ditches the face-to-face, and then proceeds to change the perception of the real-life relationship.  Sweet stuff. 

What intrigues me most is the joy in the anticipation of getting that next message.  I don't have the pleasure of one of those movie experiences, but I do enjoy anticipating a next message.  Here's something more to think about though...what if I had that much joyous anticipation in what God had to tell me?  What's HIS next message to me?   " <3 U no matter what, Conquered 4 u, Providing 4 U, Keep Going! Right w/U"  What's His next message to you?