Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another day with the Gypsies

 Lulu here.  We've been going to the village almost every day this week to do a VBS for the Gypsy village. And apparently our team is one of their favorites.  We bring a lot of music and drama complete with costumes and props.  Then crafts and food enough for 200. Today we ran out of food at 150 - so tomorrow we will prepare for 200.  And tomorrow's character story is Esther.  Complete with full princess regalia.

Each morning the team prepares the meals which consist of some sausage meat, bread and a cucumber.  The get a little cup of soda too.  I helped as much as I could, but Christy wouldn't take me to the village.  Maybe something to do with the other cows getting jealous.  That, or some Gypsy child would want to keep me.  I wouldn't make it back home!

Stephanie, our nurturer and baker of the team, loves to spoil the full-time missionaries here with lots of sugary treats.  And Dave, who's originally from England, loves getting this spoiled.  Here, he's licking the cake batter bowl.  This part is one of our favorites...spoiling the missionaries.