Tuesday, August 28, 2007

GCC's Got Talent! Seriously!

The Talent Show was incredible! It felt so good to do a big production again! And of course, it was not all my idea - Bobby Marcum is still the main creative genius that fuels the craziness that's on stage, and Jeremy Kane was just as huge a help, and Barry Smith was invaluable with set-up and sage-handing...and then there's the Wired (tech) guys, Chad McCullough (aka Grumpy Old Man), and Dennis Frankford - who's husband to wife Lee who sang "who am I." They also helped with decorating the stage - and I can't forget the men who moved the stage around - nice to have them around! And everyone who participated - the judges, the singers and actors....it was a fabulous night and I was greatly blessed! Thank you everyone!


Amy said...

It was a lot of fun.....good job Christy!

Rebecca Jo said...

You're still talking about it - STOP IT!!!! I wanted to be there so bad! This just made me anxious for the next one!