Thursday, August 30, 2007

Directions...Ohhhh the Choices!

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you need to make a choice on the direction of it? Over the past few years I have felt that I made many wrong direction choices. I am certainly nowhere near where I dreamed I would be when I was in high school. Of course, how many of us actually turn out like we think? And it becomes harder the older we get to make direction-decisions...because by now I have a mortgage and 2 cats to consider. I know that God has protected me in many areas since I've been divorced - especially with men, and for that I am beyond grateful. I also know that I am hugely blessed with friends who love me like their own family. But there are still those moments that I think of the way it could-have, maybe should-have, been. I think those moments come more because I don't like my job - I work 2 jobs to get by - that means I have limited time to work for the church, and I don't have my perfect "match" in life to share life with - and I seem to just be spinning my wheels. I have been standing at the proverbial crossroads for quite awhile now... and there are times like now that I think God just wants me to learn to live in the moment and not get wrapped up in my own direction...just let Him take the lead. Yeah...he's definitely leading me...he's just not given me a new nudge along a new road yet.
And if anyone hasn't heard the new Casting Crowns cd - it's totally amazing as usual. I love the last song, "White Dove Rising." It's out of their normal realm, but beautiful beyond words.