Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Above the clouds

As much as I don't like my job, there are certain perks I absolutely adore...like when I get to travel. It's not real often, but it allows for a free plane ride! And I love to fly! I know a lot of people who are scared of it, but I simply adore going above the clouds (especially those big fluffy ones). I love the takeoff - the power of it - and that point when complete engine power is no longer necessary and you are at a high-enough altitude that you seem to slow down (when in fact you're going faster). But the feeling is like going over one of the "seven sisters" (my backroads set of hills that make you come out of your seat when you go over them too fast) When I see the clouds below my feet - I can't help but to think of heaven each time I'm up there. Will we get a taste of that - the clouds beneath our feet? I know plenty of people think above God when they're up there - more out of fear than anything - but I feel tangibly closer to Him when the clouds are beneath my feet.


Kim said...

Ahhh the power of take-off. Try listening to "Danger Zone" from the Top Gun soundtrack when you take off next time. It puts the power in a musical perspective!

Rebecca Jo said...

UGGGG - Flying! I got nauseated & dizzy thinking about it!

Jeremy Kane said...

yeah although listening to music during take off is prohibited it is awesome to listen to the top gun song while lifting off