Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, yesterday during Sr. High class I almost felt an intervention coming on. The lesson was on "interruption" - being interrupted, taking time to allow interruptions from people who need us, taking time for Sabbath... And we started with writing on a piece of paper things we do in a day. Of course my paper was full and one of the kids beside me said "Gosh Christy - I only have like 3 things on mine." I thought to myself, wait till you get my age kid.

But then, Angelique starts the message with - "Does anyone know what a type-A personality is? Let me show you an example," and proceeds to walk over to me! It was funny, really. She asked me a few questions, and I in true form pulled out my calendar, mp3 player, to-do notebook, journal, file of stuff to do and Bible out of my bag - because I'm always prepared with something to do. And I asked her if this was an intervention. They all laughed, but I got validation out of it of things I've already been working on lately. Slowing down.

My calendar is full - my to-do list runneth over - my house, truck, and desk are in desperate need of purging. But I've started saying 'no.' I have commitments through the end of the year - but after that - I'm not adding anything on without praying about it first. If God is truly leading me to do something, He'll definitely let me know. But in the meantime, I am looking forward to that first Saturday I can sleep in -- or take a nap in the middle of the day, or just hang out with friends without having to do any sort of work related to it. You can't build relationships when you're too busy - and I certainly am ready to get started strengthening a couple of relationships (Jesus and well, somebody) and starting new friendships. It'll be interesting to see who true friends are - if they like me for me, or like me being around because of my work.


Rebecca Jo said...

Joe did a great message delivering the message as well - it hit me pretty good too! In honor of it - I went home & got in sweats & didnt leave the house the rest of the day.... I have to say - it was an awesome day!!!

I bet that lesson really did hit you though... remember - interventions are a good thing!

Anonymous said...

As hard as it is, sometimes you do have to take some stuff off of your plate to allow yourself time to enjoy things other than "work". The tough part though is seeing who is still there when you aren't providing a service.