Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Truly Thankful

  • for Jesus - my Savior, Lord, friend and brother in the Kingdom of God
  • for God just being God
  • for the Holy Spirit guiding my life and never leaving me to live it alone
  • for new relationships
  • for genuine friends who are as close as real brothers & sisters
  • for my mom
  • for cherished memories
  • for early workdays
  • for purring kitties
  • for drooly dogs and puppies that still have that puppy smell
  • for babies & their first tooth
  • for my senses - taste, smell, touch, hearing, etc.
  • for my job - even though I don't like it
  • for my truck
  • for my house
  • for my pool
  • for bright & sunny fall/winter days
  • for the first bloom in the Spring
  • for cell phones that "do it all"
  • for 500-count sheets
  • for colors that can only be created by God and not duplicated on the computer
  • for pizza
  • for shoes that don't hurt
  • for opportunities to do the work God has prepared for me to do
  • for impromptu phone calls that light up my day
  • for so much more than I can list here
  • for every breath I take