Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get to vs. Have to

I heard on the radio a snippet where this speaker said "I GET to - I don't HAVE to..." What a way to look at life...
  • I get to wake up every day
  • I get to use the toothpaste I like
  • I get to turn the heat up (or down)
  • I get to eat breakfast
  • I get to drive to work
  • I get to work
  • I get to work with the people I work with
  • I get to use a computer that has high speed internet
  • I get to take medicine that helps me breathe
  • I get to answer goofy phone calls
  • I get to wash dishes
  • I get to wash clothes
  • I get to solve problems
  • I get to spend time in the Word - whenever and wherever I want
  • I get to worship my Maker
  • I get to pray in public
  • I get to worship regularly with other believers
  • I get to live abundantly if I will just see it that way