Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking a Stand

Some may know that I hold to the fact that we are warriors in this Christian life. Warriors for Christ. Warriors for GOD: Led by God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. There are times when the fight seems to go on forever - that there is no rest and I'm still surrounded by the enemy.

I am in a season of serious spiritual warfare. I have been woke up in the night by God to pray for specific people. I have awaken to my own voice singing praises to God. I have had my share of nightmares - and know others that have had worse. I have anger issues, trust issues, and am burned-out. I hunger for the Word of TRUTH - and I will stand up for the TRUTH, and live out that Truth - no matter how hard or what implications it has for me. I spend hours on end with my Lord and Savior - and can never learn enough about Him or myself. The fight is hard and long right now, but every once in awhile I find tidbits that give me a little extra charge. If you need a little extra charge in your battle - check out these videos...


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! But thankfully there is always rest in his arms when you get beat down to the last ounce of energy.