Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet Lulu...

Hi!  I'm Lulu and I'm helping Christy get ready for her Romania mission trip.  I even get to go with her!  It's been years since I've gotten to travel. All the sites I'll get to see - the people I get to meet!

A little about me...I'm a Texas girl at heart. Love the wide open spaces and fresh green grass.  Living in the city brought some challenges, but I've overcome a lot.  There was that run-in with Mrs. B once...How was I to know those flowers were prize-winning?

I'm a naturally happy cow.  Life's too short - and so am I - to let life squash ya.  And good for Christy that she's taken the day off. So she's left me in charge.  I'm up for it.  Although from the looks of it, Christy needs more than me to keep things in order.  I'd better get to it!  So long for now y'all!