Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a start to the mission trip!

It was a great start to my first international flight!  What a team we have!

We flew from Louisville to Washington, DC then on to Munich.  That Munich flight was educational and entertaining. Christy shared some new Romanian words with me...these won't be spelled RIGHT, but how they sound....multimesst, coupleacherries, cheypach, stauch-shay, gata, and a few others she tried to remember but got backwards.

The international airports can get kinda crazy. Surprises me anyone can find their way around ANY airport really.

And all the bags!!!!!  Thank you to those who gave us a little extra money to get all the bags here.  The poor van that transported from Budapest to Tinca, Romania literally blew a tire.  But our fearless driver took care of everything.

We're now into doing VBS in the Gypsy village.  The sights and sounds have been an adjustment and so has the massive hornet-bees that showed up in the shower with Christy. 

Ok...quick note & off to the garden!