Saturday, May 11, 2013

Negativity Isn't Acceptable

Recent events have encouraged me to really analyze my words, thinking, and actions.  I've discovered a hidden rule that negativity isn't acceptable.  Let me try to explain.

Even though we as a society see all kinds of negative moments through the news media, reality shows, soap operas, action movies, political campaigns, etc., negativity is not the element that fuels our inner values.  The desire for something BETTER is.  If that desire is attacked, we want to fight for it.  Examples are

  • fighting for a cure for cancer because we desire a healthy long life,
  • fighting against the abuse of children because we desire a world where children can be kids in a safe environment,
  • fighting for whatever, because we want it to be better.
I had posted a comment on my facebook personal page this week about how I was feeling during a lunch with an individual who was not a prospective client, but was driving me crazy because my business partner and I were not treated as valuable.  My posting was received in the manner it was sent by many of my friends; however, one began to voice her opposite opinion in a harsh way.  She considered me unprofessional among other things.  I took the time to do an honest gut check.

This was not the only recent example of my "negative" approach being unacceptable.  The other was a moment of expressing frustration, it was received as something deeper going on in my life that needed to be addressed. No.  I was simply frustrated in that moment.  But the result was if I continued to show moments of frustration, I would no longer asked to be involved.  I took the time to do an honest gut check.

What I've experienced is negativity is not acceptable.  Now.  I am generally a positive person.  I can motivate others to change perspective to get out of their own "stinkin' thinkin.'"  And I can have patience and cordial tolerance in any situation.  But every once in awhile, I show my flawed human side and it comes out in one of two ways, negative on myself, or negative on others. I believe we all do that.  

My personal gut checks took me back to a time when a boss told me, "You will not be successful if you show emotion."  (This coming from the same man that would scream obscenities at every football/basketball game that he watched in the office.) Still.  That message left an impression.  

I am still in the middle of gut check weekend.  What is coming from it is that I KNOW who I am, what I stand for, where I'm going, and why I do it.  NO ONE is going to change that for me.  

So in the future when I post something that has a hint of negativity, receive it as if it's a "what not to" kind of thing.  Like "What Not To Wear."  Fighting the negative to find the positive.  Because for all my will power to put nothing out there but positive messages, there will be that every once in awhile to let you know I'm just as flawed as the next person.  Even Wonder Woman has her bad days.