Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Tug On Your Heart Moves Your Wallet To Action

     I attended a great fundraising gala last night for the Zoom Group in Louisville, KY. The Zoom Group provides enrichment services and employment for adults with developmental disabilities in the Louisville area.  The event was full of food tasting, silent auction items, music, fun, and an incredible live auction to finish it out.  Now, we all know during a fundraising event, the whole idea is to contribute to the cause.  What made it amazing was there were more than a handful of people who had no hesitation in throwing in anywhere from $50-$2,500 at a time!!!  The $2,500 amounts go for an annual dance, $1,800 goes for a Smart board, $400 goes for chairs, $50 for outings to local attractions.  The purpose was clear for the amount.  It was a no-brainer to give.  I'm positive anyone who gave any amount that night felt like a million bucks walking out with being able to contribute to an organization with purpose.
    I have the distinct pleasure and honor of working with other groups around the community on fundraising events.  It never ceases to amazing and delight me how much people are willing to give to something that has a great purpose in the world.  And not just for a non-profit organization, but for those unique projects that could spark a movement in a community that grows beyond wildest imaginations.  I'm working with one of those projects right now!!!

     A dear friend of mine, Kathryn Furrow, is a local "girl" that I admire.  Her life story is amazing by itself, but when I discovered all that she has accomplished realizing she is in MY "backyard" blows my mind!  Her passion is working in the creative community - actors, artists - helping them have well-balanced lives and careers through her service and podcast that reaches 50,000 listeners, Acting For Your Life.  She herself is a distinguished actress, singer, and writer.  She has written a story that has been 20 years in the making.  She is FILMING that story HERE - LOCALLY.  ALL OF IT. I can't get more all-caps than that.  She and her business partner, Herschel Zahnd, own FYL Entertainment.  It's a full-service acting/production/training business.  They are doing all the amazing stuff normally done elsewhere - right here.  Check out the Breath of Heaven movie site to learn all the details of the movie.  

    Here's the thing. The more I realize all they are accomplishing with this movie, the more I realize what this means for New Albany, Louisville, and all of Kentuckiana.  They are leading the way.  Bringing international exposure through film is an accomplishment that will open the doors for more locals to bring their creativity to life!  How awesome is that!  PLUS, I LOVE the history aspect.  It's a period piece.  They are using sites like New Albany's Culbertson Mansion, and streets of Old Louisville to create the environment. They are being intentional in this!  To me, this movie and the creative forces behind it is PURPOSE.  It's more than just a movie, this could be a movement for a whole new wave of creativity in the Kentuckiana area.  If you agree with all this - give $1, or more - go to to get this kicked off in style!  AND Kathryn will give a shout-out on her podcast as well as facebook.  Please share, too!!!