Monday, June 9, 2014

Rotating the Soil

     One thing I know I can do and do well is work.  I LOVE what I do with my business helping others focus to achieve their goals and dream bigger dreams.  However, lately, I've had some blocks.  It's been hard to write.  It's been hard to sing.  It's been hard to dance.  It's been hard to move.  It's been hard to think.  It's been hard to breathe.  It's been what?

     I don't know about you, but when I have a block of any kind I want to know why.  Why is it there?  Why did it start?  Why am I just focusing on it instead of demolishing it?

     When I can get to that moment of ready to demolish...I suddenly see all the why's.

     I read comics as part of my enjoyment and I always get inspired through the characters and the writers' insights to human nature and overcoming challenges in the form of defeating alien invasions or humbling mythical gods or simply taking down the bad guys before they hurt anyone else.  Recently I've been re-reading Superman Grounded. The story picks up after Superman loses another Kryptonian world.  Losing the first one with his parents dying wasn't enough.  It happened again in a different way losing more friends and family.  While being confronted with the aftermath of losing the "New Krypton," Superman gets slapped in the face with reality (literally) - he had lost touch with people on a real daily life basis.  Superman Grounded takes him from flying above the skies keeping patrol to walking America's main streets and backroads to get in touch with people again.

     So how does this relate to my blocks?

     On one page, he remembers a conversation he had with his Earth dad, Johnathan.  Dad is teaching young Clark about why you have to rotate crops from time to time, "ANYthing that stays in the same soil too long withers and eventually dies.  I think people are the same way. If we stay too long in the same soil, we start to dry up inside.  Soon, there's nothing left but the shell, and after awhile, even that goes.  If we do the same things, in the same way, over and over, in time, we fall asleep in our own lives.  Until something happens to wake us up.  That when, like any living thing, you have to take yourself out of where you ARE and put yourself BACK where you should be, where you started off before you fell asleep.  You have to rotate back to fertile the soil that nourished you...back to the Earth."

     This hit home to me.  I had been losing some of my basics for too long now. I had been dried up because I wasn't refreshing myself.  It was time to return to my own "fertile soil."  It was time to demolish the blocks.  Time to sing because I enjoy it.  Time to write regardless of what people think of it.  Time to dance to simply express my love of life.  Time to dream big again, knowing I'm creative and resourceful enough to make it a reality.  Time to enjoy life for the simple pleasure of enjoying it.  So, I am rotating my soil to find new adventures in my life moving forward that will make me a better person and my business world-renowned.

    I'm not sure where you are on your path of life today.  But I am sure that you have either "been there" or will be soon enough.  Remember, rotate your soil.  Return to those things that put a spark in your eye and fire in your belly.  Your adventure awaits...