Friday, January 15, 2016

Why I Do A Word Of The Year

I love using a word of the year.  For years now I have used a single word as a theme for the year.  Believe was my first one.

At first, it was weird.  I didn't know what to do with it.  I got some post-it notes and wrote "Believe" on a few and posted them in places I would see throughout the day.  Somedays I didn't even notice the word, but others.  Oh my...

On "those" days - you know the ones.  I clung to "Believe."  Throughout the year my beliefs got tested. By the end of the year I was amazed how relevant that word was to me.

I've used other words and had the same outcome:  Preparation, Simplify, Focus, etc.

Last year when I chose "Advance" I added some things to really bring it to life.  Books and Bible Studies.  I really thought through what "Advance" meant to me.  Advance was a battle term for me - to move forward and take on the challenges. So I chose books that spoke to that theme and biographies! To learn from those that have gone on before and advanced - like Joseph in the Old Testament.  And I learned a lot. It strengthened me for the year and some amazing stuff happened!

So I'm doing it again.  THIS year, I chose "Magic."  I wanted to have a word that would encourage big-out-of-the-box-take-chances thanking.  Magic takes belief, imagination, expertise, and lots of work to produce.  And I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for some magic!  I have some books to get me started - studying Disney of course - and I'm returning to my journaling.  And I found THIS journal...what do you see?  Doves? Or a Face?  Almost like "Magic," don't ya think?

Using a word of the year really brings the theme alive in my life.  So if you're thinking of using a word of the year - choose wisely.


Toni said...

Ab.. ra,ka...dab..ra!A good choice, I think. Going to be thinking about mine. 🐺

Toni said...

Ab.. ra,ka...dab..ra!A good choice, I think. Going to be thinking about mine. 🐺

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh... love it... I've been using the word MAGICAL a lot myself recently.
Life needs more MAGICAL things in it!

Christy said...

I am totally LOVING my word this year. There's a ton of work going into making MAGIC, but the results will be amazing :-)