Monday, October 8, 2007

Missing it!

I went to see Eastern Marching Band compete Saturday night - and I SOOOoooo miss being a part of all that! Eastern did a fabulous job and it was easy to see how they advanced to Regionals (this Saturday!). The clip above is the last few seconds of the show - I was so engrossed in the show I forgot to get more! I used to teach some of these bands back in the day. The one I was most proud of was Borden! They have a new director - young and right out of college - and their numbers tripled. Which may sound like a lot but considering they only had about 8 kids in band when I did a guard show a few years ago- that's a great increase! They only had 2 guard members, but those girls looked like they were having a great time and they were in-sync!

I'm going to include some mroe stuff favorite local band has always been Floyd Central. They just have this way of really using volume dynamics to get their point across. Although, I am used to having an in-your-face ending - the kind to get everyone on their feet cheering. This year was a little more avant-guard...softer, very artsy. But when this band comes on the field you know they mean business. I've included a couple of videos of them.

And then one of my favorite themes - I just wished they had pulled it off a little differently. Henryville did a Riverdance theme...notice the girl coming in from front center - traditional celtic dress even!


Kim said...

that's some coordination and talent I could never possess. Kudos to you and those girls!