Friday, October 19, 2007

Tornado Dining

So last night I was working late to try to catch up on some things and the sirens start going off. It obvisouly was not the normal testing time, so I turned on the tv and saw that we were under a tornado warning - it was in the Shively area and headed my way. Well, I thought I would do the wise thing and not stay on the 10th floor - you know, just in case. So I took my phone and a book to work on and went to the first floor to join others that had been dining at the Korean Restaurant that's on the first floor. Well, after the extension of the tornado warning, the waitress decides to not let that stop her from providing her customers with the food they came to her restaurant for! They brought out tables from the restaurant and put them in the hallway and started serving - and taking orders from anyone else who planned to eat! No panic here! That's spontaneity for ya. How flexible are you in a new situation?


Jennifer said...

That's funny! Actually, I think that very night our family was doing a little shopping at the "Goodwill" retail store in Hikes Point, when we heard the sirens go off. I am almost embarrassed to say that we barely paid them any mind. What can I say- I had just found some really cute jeans that fit perfectly and a couple of jackets. Hey, I am a bargain shopper and I didn't want to interrupt the momentum of finding another great deal!

Jeremy Kane said...

Heck I waz wanderin round in my yard and in the neighbors woods lookin fer my mobile phone it slipped out my britches wen eyes chasin that darn mut of mine hesa chasin cars eyesa chasin him dropped the dang phone spent the next hour in the tornadic wind and rain and sirens lookin fer it but i goter back then smacked the dog and locked em up man that wuz a full nite of n-ter-tain-ment der action, danger, high speed chase, a fight, shoot it had all the makins of one them there hollywood moving picture shows weres at spineberg fella wen u need em?? holla