Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting Caught-up

The Holiday Season is in full is busy prepping for the end of the year, lots of Christmas dinners to go to, mad scurrying to get housework done before guests arrive, catching-up with friends and family, and the cooking! lots of food to go around, and trying to fit-in work-outs to compensate. It's busy. And my biggest craving right now is not chocolate-covered cherries (Cellas are my favorite!), my biggest craving is spending time in the Word.

Ever since the "Get up!" night, I have thoroughly enjoyed being in the Word. I really like the Old Testament. The stories! Oh MY the stories! Day-time drama has nothing on the Old Testament. And it's amazing to see how the God of the Old Testament is the same God as the New Testament. I've even started memorizing scripture. I have the first 18 verses of John chapter 1 - and Psalm 91 (the guardian angel one) down pretty good. I memorize pretty good when I'm on the treadmill. I can get pretty far in a mile! It's exciting. And if you've never memorized before, I encourage you to try it out. Pick some favorite verses and go from there.

Back to the holiday-time - everybody's getting those family pictures done. Now, I did one last year with me and the cats...we won't be doing that again without some help! Although you've got to admit - we're an adorable family. And I love getting pictures from people. It includes me in their world.

The holidays are also a time for reflection: reviewing the past year, friends and family that have passed on, those plans that didn't quite go the way you planned, etc., and past holiday memories. I remember getting ready for Christmas at my grandpa's. He was a farmer - and they lived in a trailer that had a woodstove in the middle of the living room. Every winter there would be some sort of livestock runt that would need to take residence next to the woodstove in the living room to build up strength. I remember sleeping on the couch next to a calf that would wake me up every hour to feed it by bottle. Ever had a calf lick you on the face in the middle of the night? That's an experience. And the Sears Catalog! Eric and I would pick out stuff all year long for Christmas!

My mom recently received a bunch of old pictures from her mom. Pictures of her and her twin sister and me and Eric, my cousin. Eric was the most adorable little boy I had ever seen! (he's the one on the left). And I just love this picture of me (on the right)! These were both from 1977! Look at Eric's little jumpsuit! And my blue shoes!! What were our mothers thinking! LOL! Times have changed, and so have Eric and I. Although, I still have a teddy bear, but I'm positive Eric's given up the bowl haircut!


Rebecca Jo said...

OHHH - I want to sleep next to a baby calf! Does 4 dogs licking you in the face in the middle of the night count for anything?

I LOVE the pictures! You see your beautiful eyes even as a little girl! And I DO love the blue shoes! My favorite though - the HUGE collar on your cousin's little blue leasure suit! Who knew they made them that small! I can sense polyester all the way in the year 2007! (Hey, I had many outfits similar so I'm not making fun!)

Amy said...

Hey...the cow thing sounds cool... I get the lovely cats licking and rubbing and hitting me with their paws in the middle of the night.. Aren't pets wonderful!!

Kim said...

I hope your kitty enjoyed her new bow from our Christmas Party. You at least have to post a picture of her sporting her new "festive accessories!"