Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Knitting, Kittens, and Dixie

Ok, Ok, I like knitting now...I got 4 whole rows done last night! LOL - I still have another crochet project I HAVE to get accomplished before the end of the year. Once that's done - I am SOoo ready for 2 sticks. And Rebecca, you're a great teacher! No wonder those Jr. high girls love you so much.

Last week we had the Women's Study Gourmet Dinner at the Kane's - Chef Jerome is magnifique! He's a really good cook... And we got to exchange gifts, mine came with an adorable bow & bell - just what my Melody would love to play with. But apparently - not what she loves to have tied to her collar! Nor Maestro...Here are a couple of pictures of them with that bow on this year... They refused to look at me!

And just last year they looked like little angels!

Last weekend I took a family roadtrip to Nashville to visit my great-aunt, shop, and look at lights. Well, a trip to the "South" wouldn't be complete without visiting Cooter's Place! It's across the street from the Opryland Hotel in case you go looking for it. For any of you who were 80's children - I was going to marry Bo Duke when I grew up -- and I still plan on having Daisy's Jeep! So you can imagine my surprise when the Jeep was there! And yes, I got to touch it...although I didn't play the General Lee's horn. I just loved those 80's shows!


Rebecca Jo said...

You cant marry Bo - I was going to marry Bo Duke! Is that why you watched Smallville?

YIPEE - you're a knitter! Hey - I didnt even have to teach you - I look over & you were off - a pure natural! We're going to warm the world in knits!

Kim said...


Anyway, your cat is cute wearing the bow ;-)