Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breathing is a Good Thing

I have had respiratory issues for as long as I can remember. I get bronchitis easy, a touch of asthma every now-and-then, and there's allergies. Ahhh, allergies. When I first went to my ear/nose/throat doctor to get allergy tested I told him I was allergic to air. It wasn't far from the truth: dust mites, mold, animals, pollen..basically everything affects me. Bill has "affectionately" dubbed me "wheezer."

So over the years I have taken all kinds of medicine - liquids, pills, inhalers, etc. This last go-around my doctor prescribed me a new medicine after questioning why I was still taking liquid Zyrtec as an adult. Oh, I don't know, maybe because you prescribed it for me two years ago? AND - because it works really good at night to help me sleep without having that ear-draining symptom wake me up at night. If you have this, you know what a misery it is. I end up digging in my ears like a dog - and the best cure for the itch - warm Coca-Cola. That stuff burns off the itch, and no-telling what else as it's fizzing down my throat.

But this new medicine? When the nurse was going over it with me she said, "make sure to take this only at night when you're ready to go to bed because it'll make you drowsy. And make sure to start with HALF a pill at first." Half-a-pill, got it. Then she gave me samples to get started with. Do you see this picture? That red tablet is my Excedrine pill - normal pill. Xyzal (zie-zall), if half its size -- and I have to cut it in half to take it. Ok, no problem. Bill happens to have a handy pill-cutting tool.

So I take it one night. The next day I "wake" up and think, "Well, I got through the night with no symptoms." But I was groggy ALL day! Half-pill. Groggy all day. No, couldn't be the pill. I just need more activity. But since then, I have tested this theory and have proven that for me at least, this is a little half pill of evil. I like to be able to sleep and breathe through the night, but I need to be able to be awake in a day. I took one of these little half-buggers last night and I am shocked I made it in to work. One caffeine-laden drink down, at least 5 more to go.

So if you have allergies, or your doctor prescribes this little thing to you - just know to take it in serious moderation and with the knowledge you may very well not be able to complete a full sentence the next day, or be able to raide your head without leaning it on a shoulder to be propped-up -- like I'm doing right now.


Rebecca Jo said...

I'd be in a coma!!! For DAYS!!!