Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

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It's Here! Friday Fragments. AND - Friday's Freewrite @ Ordinary and Awesome.

} What a rough start to the week! My poor old blue-boy! He's been in the shop more in the past two weeks than he has in the past two years. I still refuse to get rid of him. I always used to joke (before Bill came along) that he was the most dependable man I knew! Oh by the way - it's my truck.

} I updated my other blogs! As well as this one's look - yes, again. May not seem much to you - but I just love doing this stuff!

} It never ceases to amaze and depress me that I can work in an office of 7 and still not know what's going on. So much for communication.

} I work for an auction company part-time ( Last night we had an auction where we sold the contents of various storage units. There were 3 units that we couldn't get unlocked. We sold the contents anyway. How? You might ask... sight un-seen. People can get crazy at these things! The deciding factor for some was when the auctioneer brought up the fact that many of them go to the "boat" to gamble away $50-$100 in a night, at least this way you're coming home with something! Wouldn't you know it - the bids started to skyrocket! I can't wait to hear what was in those units!

} Tomorrow is another auction - tools, tools, and more tools! Let me tell ya - you see all kinds at auctions! It's a regular study into all kinds of lessons - psychology, ethnography, social etiquette, personal hygiene, relational interactions, and so on. And you never know what you might find stuck away in a box. Sometimes it crawls or slithers out on its own. Plus, last night I saw this guy who looks like he could be a twin of my media rep in Chicago. Now, I know Cliff would not be down in Indiana looking through storage units - especially with a woman who looked like she was there to please him more than herself. I would hope with those short and her shoes and her makeup and .... anyway. You can't see it in this picture - but she has on heels. HEELS! I ached when I saw her coming. And yes, they're looking at a Corvette with glass t-tops. Go figure. Two hours on heels....

} Been feeling a little, no, a lot down this week. Same old crap. Hmm...I could use this for my book - just when you've got the toilet all clean...well, you can picture the rest.

} I never realized how much I enjoy blogging till I go a day without commenting or getting comments. So to anyone who's reading and has left me comments -- THANKS BUNCHES!

Have a great Friday!

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Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Hope blue-boy gets fixed and becomes more dependable again! ;)

For some reason it seems the smaller the office, the worse the communication. Go figure.

I bet you see a lot of interesting things working for that auction company! I've heard people have scored in a big way with some of those 'sight unseen' storage units...

Wonder if that woman was charging by the hour? Ooooh, bad one! :)

Awwww! Hope you're feeling better soon! I hear ya about missing the blog-hopping and comment distribution and receiving...I'm right there with you! :)

Happy FF! :)

Lynn said...

Auctions... yep... the people who attend sometimes have scared me!! It is kind of like going to the mall though... that scares me too! Don't like to go alone... the mall or auctions!!!

Kris said...

Yes, people get insane at those sight-unseen auctions....sometimes they make out very well....other times it might just be....empty!

Unknown Mami said...

I'd love to know what's in those storage units. Can you imagine if you just get a bunch of junk and then you have to get rid of it all.

Have a great weekend!

I hope you clean the toilet and it stays clean for a bit, but that's life and that's the crapper. Whatcha gonna do?

Kathleen said...

Very interesting...that buying the units sight unseen; I'm very curious also.

Hate heels! Who invented them anyway? I had to have foot surgery because I wore them when I was teaching and on my feet all day. Ugh!

Hope you feel better!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Like your new look!! You gotta button!!! I've got to grab it!

Mrs4444 said...

Hey, I really love the new look in here!

You have four blogs? Guess I need to poke around more in here!

That auction stuff is intriguing. Be sure to let us know what turns out to be in those storage places, okay?

Good luck with good ol' Blue! :)