Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Inspired by Rebecca's excitement about her latest read, "The Noticer," I thought I would share the one that has really gotten to me lately, "Captivating."

Honestly, I am reading it again right now. John Edlredge has written a fantastic book for men - "Wild At Heart." If you ever need an insight into men - that will do it. And it's all so true. So when I found out he and his wife had teamed up to write a book for women I was more than intrigued. Here's just a snippet from the end of chapter one:

The longings God has written deep in your heart are telling you something essential about that it means to be a woman, and the life he meant for you to live. Now we know - many of those desires have gone unmet, or been assulted, or simply so long neglected, that most women end up living two lives. One the surface we a re busy and efficient, professional, even. We are getting by. On the inside women lose themselves in a fantasy world or in cheap novels, or we give ourselve over to food or some other addiction to numb the ache of our hearts. But your heart is still there, crying out to be set free, to find the life your desires tell you of.

You can find that life - if you are willing to embark on a great adventure.

That is what we are inviting you to. Not to learn one more set of standards you fail to meet. Not toward a new set of rules to live by and things you ought to do. Something far, far better - a journy of the heart. A journey toward the restoration and release of the woman you always longed to be. This book is not about what you ought to do or who you ought to be. It's about discovering who you already are, a woman. A woman who at her core was made for romance, made to play an irreplaceable role in a shared adventure, and who really does possess a beauty all her own to unveil. The woman God had in mind when he made Eve...and when he made you. Glorious, powerful, and captivating.

This book is helping me unlock my heart as a woman. Kind of like me discovering me. This book is not a "new" release; however, it was new to me, and I'm sure if you've not heard about it or read it yet -- I wholeheartedly encourage you to read it.


Rebecca Jo said...

Yep... that's a great book too!!! One every woman should read! & really every man should read too! Ryan said he read it so he could get insight into a woman's mind! SMART!

Lynn said...

Reading it right now... Chandra gave it to me for Christmas... and honestly I haven't been reading it very fast... read some... take it in... it is a lot to handle... but I love what I am learning.