Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fragments

} I now know retired people are telling the truth when they say, "this is the busiest I've ever been!" And you know why? All those things you didn't get to do when you work full-time gets in line to be done. Not only that - but people come first. If someone calls and says, "Hey, you wanna?" I'm there! But I've also discovered that Satan, the enemy of our souls, will use that to his advantage to keep us away from time with God. SO, ladies & gentlemen, beware of busy-ness!

} The pool is now tree-free. I was holding out hope for the cedar trees, at least to feel like there was some natural fencing, but had to go. Steve and Bill cut it down on day - so I had to post the before and after. The tree is still there waiting for the first signs of Fall. I sense bonfires in its future.

} Aside from working around the house, I've been celebrating my whole birthday-month! I got to go to Kings Island this year at least. I was wishing for a week at Disney, but a jam-packed day at Kings Island will do. We went with Steve & his son, Bryant & his wife & friend - their church group really. We had a great time, but I don't think I've ever been with such a determined group before. We were wore-out! We rode 13 rides - actually, I stopped at 13. The Vortex beat me up pretty good so I stopped while I was ahead - or still had a head.

} Then I went to Chicago. Turns out my media distribution rep, Merlin, has decided that since I'm no longer working, he's quitting. LOL - not really, but he is moving on from his job in media distribution. Timely, huh! He, Pam, Cliff and I have been working together for roughly 6 years so I just had to go celebrate his last day with him. Chicago is not near as far a drive from me as I thought. And it just thrilled him. I got to have lunch with Pam and dinner/night-out with Merlin & Cliff and Shaunda. Harness racing. Certainly different than racing at Churchill Downs.

} Unfortunately on the way home from Chicago I took the round-about way to stop at a family member's funeral. Uncle Ray was my great-great uncle. His wife, Aunt "Duff," sends me a homemade birthday card every year. I just felt I needed to be there. And I was glad I did. Turns out, I was the only one from her side of the family that came. How important is it to keep in touch with family? And why is it so easy to get lost in our own little worlds?

} Mom's garden is in full swing. Although the tomatoes are taking forever to turn this year. Too much rain and mild days. With 64 tomato plants she had been able to make LOTS of salsa, juice, and now even pizza sauce, and that's just the beginning. Corn to be frozen this week. She's made LOTS of pickles and relish from all the cucumbers. She's looking into getting a greenhouse to start plants for next year. I may have to take up a corner or two for flowers and houseplants.

} Auction season's in full-swing too. Last weekend was a 2-day event. I think one of the funniest items we had was a 2-volume book set of "The History of Prostitution." One of the guys joked with me when we saw the pictures DRAWN in the back, "Once a man sees his first woman naked he wants to see them all naked. I bet it's the same for women, huh?" I bet he didn't anticipate my honest response, "Depends on the first man we saw naked." He didn't laugh nor try to flirt with me the rest of the day.

} For today? Full day of cleaning the walkway, cleaning the pool, cleaning vegetables, cleaning me...ooohhhh, maybe a nap too.

} And for those who like to play cornhole games - we're having a tournament this Saturday at the church's "ranch." 3:00 p.m. start time and there will be fantastic food as well - pork chop sandwiches, hot wings, pasta salad, cole slaw - mmm, mmm!
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Grace & Peace to you all!


Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

I am jealous of two things. 1.) your pool and 2.) your garden. We just moved into a home with a huge yard, and I cannot wait to build a garden. I want tomatoes to make spagetti sauce with!! :o)

Christy said...

Believe me - 64 tomato plants are just about enough to start a restaurant with! Make sure when youdo get started - space is key. They get bigger than you think. That's the only issue mom is having is that everything wants to take over. We just finished shucking a whole cart full of corn - and that was just from one row. Good stuff!

Lynn said...

OH MY... I loved your answer to the man at the auction... gotta love a "quick witted woman"!!!! HA.... I would have LOVED to see his face!!!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Cornhole? Is that like a beanbag toss??

Uh, yeah. Men are MUCH more visual than women. I loved your reply.

Retired already?! Luckyyyyy. Glad you're making the most of it AND your birthday :) Happy BD!

I love the openness with the tree gone; it looks terrific!