Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life is...FUN!

It's been a month now since I was let-go from my job at KFC. I wish them well. For me, I have been making it a point to have some down-time to readjust, switch gears, get re-energized. I realized that because I was so burned-out on duties and drama that I wasn't able to just enjoy life. That's changing now, praise God! In this first month He's opened fun opportunities for me: Women of Faith, Kings Island, Chicago, my pool (when it's warm enough), cornhole (beanbag toss), and even the LST! What's the LST? Well, let me start with the cornhole tournament.

I got to play this year! Bill teamed up with me and we actually won one round. We would have won another time if I hadn't been the best player for the other team! At least I was making the hole...just not with my bags. We had a great time. And to no one's surprise, Jeff won again this year. He and Mark will be sharing the trophy. Yes, I made the trophies. Corny, huh? :-)

Joe and Chad came in second place - this would have been me and Bill had I not gotten a few of their bags in the hole! Oh, and since it was my birthday weekend, Bill made sure I had a cake there. This was about the cheesiest smile I could muster. Check out the colors - hot pink with my neon green lettering - 80's flashback anyone?

And the LST? The US LST 325 is a Landing Ship Tank - the largest ship ever designed/built to place tanks, troops, and cargo onto a hostile beach, then retract off. These buggers are considered to be "the ship that won the war," meaning WWII. This was docked in Jeffersonville and we decided to tour it on Sunday. Yes, my official birthday.

We went to Rafferty's and overdosed on cheese fries - my favorites! And I got some really fun presents from friends - Rebecca & Ricky gave me a Wonder Woman doll, along with sock yarn and needles. She had confidence that I am ready to make socks. And Kim - by best friend/sister got me the most fun present I ever received. A HUGE coloring book of Tinkerbell, along with a mega pack of markers that even had the smelly ones! We had a ball with it - or maybe we were just getting high from sniffing the scented markers.

But back to the LST. This was bringing back memories for Bill since he had served on an aircraft carrier. He had little stories for every part of the ship - his own stories. And the veterans that still run the ship would be stationed along with way with stories of their own. The boys had fun being boys with the guns of course.

And yesterday? Filled with rest. Seriously, I slept most of the day with the cats. Now that was fun. Not a care in the world, did whatever I wanted, which obviously was not much. I may be another year older, but got back to my early teenage roots sleeping all day. And yep - I was up till 1:00 a.m. this morning. Go figure. But I'm learning to have fun again.

So take it from me, if you are feeling burned-out, stop. Find something you enjoy - and go enjoy it. Life is full of stuff and fun should be right in there with everything else. You need to have fun to loosen-up. So do things that are fun and childlike to you, and hopefully those things being back childhood memories - those are the best...smelly markers!
Grace & Peace to you all!


Rebecca Jo said...

I have TOTAL faith you can do socks!!! No doubts!!!

I'm telling you - I'm going to train like a CRAZY woman~~~~~ I wanna take Jeff DOWN next year!!! :)

Lynn said...

Agreed... Jeff Must NOT Win Again!!!! And Socks... you can SO get it done... and when you wear them... heaven on your tootsies!!!!!