Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Fragments

} Why have I not been posting lately? Too much to say that I just can't share with the world. No offense.

} Who knew a day filled with 3-hour naps would feel so good?

} My cats have become VERY attached lately. Since I've been home for long stretches of time, when I do go somewhere and get back home, I can barely walk without them under foot. If I sit down, it means nap/lap-time for one of them, both of them if they try hard enough. That means I have to be laying on the couch, one on my belly, the other on my legs. It's almost like having one of those fur throws - only with purring action (and sometimes massages). When I'm on the computer -one's in the window, one's at my feet - or trying to lay between my arms and the keyboarda;sld;flsd.,fsd,fs[p;sdf................................................................ (from Maestro)

} I made cookies for Scripture Sisters this week. Bill tried to convince me to just buy them - until I brought the leftovers home. I should have taken pictures they turned out so good! Sugar cookies with pineapple "icing" decorated with strawberries & blueberries plus chocolate chip cookies with chocolate icing topped with white chocolate chips and a cherry. Hmmmm-MMmmm! Little Miss Hannah ate a few all by herself! That girl can put away some sweets now - and she's only like three feet tall! Good thing for the rest of us we took that walk before Bible study!

} And I just HAVE to post this picture of the "boys." This was their "serious-down-to-business" pose. Tom's still getting the hang of it, and Bill is just so proud! I watched from the sidelines the making of a linebacker-quarterback-tackling dummy, oh wait...that was Bill. LOL! It's one of the coolest sights to watch - a dad teaching his son to play ball...especially if it's done with encouragement and love. It was a role reversal later that night when playing the Playstation and Tom was losing patience with his dad's controller skills. When I heard "Here, dad, let me do it for you," coming from the next room I had to stop what I was doing I was laughing so hard on the inside! I know better - I just watch from the sidelines!

} I never realized until this week just how burned-out I actually was. Part of the reason I haven't posted much lately. Something about myself was revealed to me this week that I did not anticipate - I have for my whole life tried to exceed the expectations of others when in fact, those "others" did not give a hoot about me really. I learned this week that "expectations is premeditated resentment." I cannot live up to someone else's expectations. No one can live up to my expectations. I should learn to not have expectations of others - only myself. We get angry/frustrated/disappointed/sad/discouraged, etc., when other people do not meet our expectations. Then sets-in the resentment. And that is a pit I no longer wish to slip into!

} Still looking for direction for my life's work that God has prepared for me. I just pray He and I get on the same page. When I see someone who is passionate or really loves what they do I think to myself, "I want some of THAT." So that's what I'm praying for - that God gives me the rest and rejuvenation I need to find that passion He has ready for me. What are those things that you guys are passionate about? Please - comments are always welcome!

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Grace & Peace to you all!


Claudya Martinez said...

The description of the cookies made my mouth water I'm sure they were 100 times better than anything you would have bought.

I want to snuggle Maestro.

mub said...

Expectations are a funny thing... it's easy to fall into a trap with them even if you're only setting them for yourself. It's something I'm working on too.

Your cookies sound fabulous!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Maestro is adorable - I had a cat named Maestro, once! :)

Now I'm hungry for homemade to make some for me? ;)

LOVE your insight in 'expectations' - you are SO right! I'm going to rethink (and revise) my own mode of expectations... :)

Happy FF a day late! :)

Kristin - The Goat said...

Don't slip into the pit - so true so true. The moments that you realize the big things, like you have are both exhilarating and depressing. I love finally getting the Ah-Ha moment.

I have a blast furnace, too -- I mean a cat. :) She thinks that the outside of my right thigh is her property. At night, the blast furnace lays over my ankles. No cold feet for me!

Kristin - The Goat

Mrs4444 said...

I'm passionate about teaching; I'm so excited to be back at school. That said, I could not do it without the backing of The Big Guy upstairs. I think your prayer is a good one.

And kitty massages? They're the BEST!

Thanks for playing FF this week! :)