Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday Fragments - on Saturday

} So what if I haven't posted in awhile? I'm posting now.

} I FINALLY finished the book, "Follow the River," by James Alexander Thom. It's this amazing real-life story of Mary Ingles who was taken captive by Shawnee indians in 1755. Her whole life was destroyed - the whole community was killed, including her mother. She, her sons & sister-in-law, and one other man were taken across the teritory hundreds of miles from home. Pregnant on the journey, she had to give up her baby, see her boys and sister taken away, and herself given into slavery. She escapes with a fellow captive and makes her way back home with no shelter, loss of tools, loss of sanity in her fellow traveler, and no food in sight for weeks. This woman had such strength and determination. I could never have done what she did. Even George Washington admitted she was more courageous than he. I love history - especially when the stories are real - and I highly recommend this one!

} Last Friday, we had visitors. I had to call and tell that to Bill specifically since Tom is wanting a dog REAL bad out "in the country." This little fella just showed up. I knew he had to be the neighbor's, and sure enough, the "babysitter" showed up a few minutes later. (for more pics - go to Thru The Lens) His name is Pistol - and that's certainly what he is! I see him and Joy (the babysitter) exploring the field across the road. I wonder if I should warn the cows.

} So I've been unemployed for a couple of months now. And no unemployment checks. I would check and the system would say I have credits - but no checks. What? How does that work? And since you can't get a live person on the phone, I went down to the office. This was the scene at 7:30 in the morning! Needless to say, the wait is the hardest part. I took a book - and my crochet project. (Rebecca, admit it - you're proud!) The guy behind the counter scared me when he disappeared inthe back for a few minutes. But when he came back he told me I would have all my checks in a couple of days! Praise the Lord - and a big "I love you!" to that guy. And let me tell you, this place can give the people of WalMart a run for their money!

} Bill went with me to take the garbage and old nasty stuff to the dump last week. We're just enjoying the afternoon - windows down on the truck - gorgeous day really. Then all of a sudden - POW! I hear this huge POP sound, Bill yells and starts beating at his back, and I instinctly slow the truck down to help pull his shirt away from his back. Turns out, this evil not-so-little hornet hit his hand, made a "bee-line" down the back of his shirt and stung him square in the back. And he was just telling me about his one-and-only other nightmare experience of going to the dump when he was a teenager. I foresee never getting help going to the dump again.

} So why have I not been posting? Have I been real busy? No. Have I been going in another life direction? No. Have I gotten lazy? Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner! Side-effect of getting used to being at home and too much facebook-game time. Time to get out of that mode! I've been praying hard for direction. Should I go into full-time ministry? Should I go back to school? Should I start my own business? Should I work two jobs? So many options...just looking for a confirmation from God on a direction at this point.

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Grace & Peace to you all!