Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fragments!

} All I can say is that it takes so little to amuse and annoy pets. A brown paper bag, some pipe cleaners and clear tape dispenser rolls are the bulk of the toys. They have a toy box, most of their toys end up under the stove or refrigerator, and so far the tree is still in-tact. How’s that possible? I put jingle bells on the tree as an alarm system for “mom” to come running and they know their day is going to turn bad quick if that happens. But my boy has this aversion for my new slip-ons. The leopard print must freak him out.

} I found out unofficially from a physical therapist friend of mine that I probably have plantar fasciitis in my feet. They’ve hurt off-and-on over the years, and I’ve just chalked it up to dress shoes too many days in a row. But that last warm gorgeous day we had a couple weeks ago I walked around the lake and I could barely make it back to the truck. I couldn’t step on them the next morning at all without screaming. And when your feet kill you your work-outs are limited. So my mom let me borrow her Total Gym. Now I’m back up to doing some Turbo Jam and Total Gym, and if I can make it, some time on the treadmill. I have discovered those long-lost muscles! I just HAVE to keep going with this! I have this dress I am very determined to get into soon.

} Which leads me to the downfall of any weight loss regiment…dessert. We had Mike & Amy over this week to wish them well on their Guatemala mission trip (they leave tomorrow!). Well, I like to try to be a good hostess and asked Amy what her favorite dessert was…pie & ice cream. So I found this easy & delicious recipe for Apple pie. But I don’t have a round pie pan, so I finagled the square 9in. I made a few adjustments to the recipe – you know, a little extra here, little dash of cinnamon for the crusts, and added a caramel icing glaze. And yes, I used fresh apples. So completely homemade. With a little vanilla ice cream (not homemade) on the side. It was delicious beyond words. But I only had one piece! I gave the rest away. I’m proud of me. Missing the pie, but proud.

} I am finally getting around to getting my office totally purged. With two of us using it space is at a minimum. One of my most procrastinated projects has been to get all my shredding done from purged files and receipts for the past “x” years. A total of three hours and four bags later I was caught up! Now for that stack of filing that’s been piling up for months.

} Because of other commitments on Wednesday evenings I wasn’t able to participate with Greenville church’s ensemble for the Christmas program. However, I am getting the opportunity to be a part of Northside’s Family Choir for a weekend of services. We had one practice so far, Titus is the leader. And he rocks! He has a way of getting us to “feel it.” One of our songs is “O Happy Day.” We’ll be sounding like Sister Act in no time! Totally different atmosphere from singing with a choir for The Messiah.

Love these Friday Fragments! For more - go see Mrs.4444 @ Half-Past Kissin' Time:
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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

We used to buy our dogs all kinds of expensive toys.


They's rather attack a sock. And if it happens to be on your foot, so be it!!


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That apple pie (which I guess looks more like a cobbler) looks divine! There's no way I would have had the willpower to just have one piece :) Good for you!


mommytoalot said...

the apple pie looks delice!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

What is it about pets and kids that like to play with everything except actual toys? :)

The apple pie looks scrumptious! Good job giving it away to keep your diet intact... ;)

Sorry about your feet - plantar fasciitis does not sound fun!

Great job getting your office shredding done!

Have fun singing this weekend... :)

Happy FF! :)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I had to come back and tell you that I went to school with the guys who created Zoboomafu!!! I wrote a post that partially touched on the Lemur center where they worked as undergrads, and was the inspiration for the series. You can read it here if you're interested!


Mrs4444 said...

Oh, Happy Day! Sounds wonderful! I joined a community choir that was just born a few weeks ago. The Hal. Chorus is kicking my butt but, but I love it. Can't wait for our concert.

Office cleaning feels so good, doesn't it?

Yummy-looking dessert-Good for you on showing restraint and on not letting your feet problems become an excuse. I'm impressed.