Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fragments!

} Last night we got a real treat...Chef Jerome! Oh man, our youth pastor is a culinary school graduate (he refuses to be called a chef), and he "whipped-up" a fantastic meal and dessert! HOMEMADE pasta. The freshly cut pasta was still drying on a string ran through their kitchen when we got there. I thought I had arrived in Italy. HOMEMADE Alfredo...yum, simply yum, with blackened grilled chicken. Delicious! Not to mention the special roasted red-pepper bread spread for the garlic bread. And salad, had to be good somewhere because the dessert - bananas flambe - just took up all the calories I had burned during my workout. The picture here (which is just one I found somewhere), doesn't do the live experience justice. As it's on fire, he adds cinnamon that makes sparks fly literally. It's just amazing and scrumptuous! I was honored to be treated to such a fine dining experience!

} I've made it a point to get more disciplined with my time these past couple of weeks. For anyone who knows me (and you'll see now), I'm a planner. I think I have finally devised a way to be structured with my time, but allow for interruptions/changes to flow. It may not look like it from the image here, but I really can go with the flow. The only thing that is non-negotiable, it that 7:00A time-slot...that's my morning meeting with God (or at least the first hour I get out of bed!).

} Christmas is upon us...already! I have not sent out the first Christmas card yet! And gift-giving will be at a minimum this year since I haven't had any sort of steady income. Only my mom gets the fancy gift, everyone else may get homemade goodies. I have to have some sort of excuse to eat sweets while working out every day!

} I did, however, get myself something for Christmas - a sewing machine. Nothing fancy, just has the basics, but it's a great start to mending stuff and getting creative. I already have a project getting started this weekend! Bill took one look at it and said I should change the name from 'brother' to Mystery Machine. Hmmm...maybe I should paint it green to match the flowers.

Love these Friday Fragments! For more - go see Mrs.4444 @ Half-Past Kissin' Time:
Mommy's Idea


Rebecca Jo said...

All that working out is so you CAN eat a dinner prepared by Chef Jerome & enjoy every bite... Didnt you know Calories dont really count in December! :)

Love the sewing machine!!!!!!!!!

♥Georgie♥ said...

OMGosh your dinner sounds wonderful-yanno I do not think I have ever had homemade pasta...i admit I am a little envious

and what a neat gift to yourself...i have always wanted to learn to sew

enjoyed your FF

Unknown Mami said...

May you and your sewing machine make many beautiful things together.

Anonymous said...

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Mrs4444 said...

Learning to sew sounds like a great idea for me. I did learn in HS but have never had a machine. I think I'll put it on my bucket list :)

So happy you got treated to your friend Jerome's TLC (tender loving cooking). You deserve it!

Every day is better when it starts out with God, doesn't it?

Thanks for joining in FF last week :) Sorry it took me so long to get here!