Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Favorites!

As you've read here before, I've started to work out which is great for me to be doing. At the same time, I've cut back on volume of food. I refuse to deprive myself - my mind would sabotage my body if I cut out chocolate completely. Or pizza! Now in the next phase of all this, I am trying my best to make the healthier choices; just like I make adjustments to cardio workouts to make it low impact so I still have knees, I am making those minor changes to be healthy. And I just have to share my newest fabulous find! THIN BUNS (which is what I'm shooting for myself in the process!)

Now, some of you know my appreciation of pizza. I can eat pizzas of all kinds each meal of the day- they're just so easy to do. I have a few gourmet recipes of my own: Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Pineapple Chicken, Alfredo, along with the basic Supreme and Pepperoni. I'll even doctor-up a half of a Totinos for a meal. So when I found these thin buns I wondered...could it be done well for mini pizzas? I just HAD to try.

They were delicious! A little ground turkey spiced with italian spices, pepperoni, onions and cheese made these delectable. Two were plenty for me for a meal, add a salad and I was good to go! I can't wait to try a breakfast version :-).