Friday, February 19, 2010

Fragmented Week!

} Why, oh why am I not blogging like I used to? I've been out of my mind lately, that's why. I'm still surprised how since I've not had a 8-5 job to report every day, I don't write for my blog near as much. But I get to do other things more! Like clean the house...and work-out!

} Speaking of working out. I've been doing an Atkins diet (low carbs) and working out steady for about six weeks now. Guess how it's going? I've lost 20 pounds so far! Thank you Turbo Jam and Chuck Norris! Between this lady & her "crew" and Chuck Norris' Total Gym my workouts are actually fun. I can't seem to do much else right now. Well, maybe some Dancing With The Stars. Hard to pass up dancing with Maksim!

} Another reason I haven't been blogging as much is because I haven't been around my computer quite as much. I'm currently in FOUR Bible studies. And the meatiest of them is The Truth Project put together by Focus on the Family. This series explains truth, and how God's truth is not our truth in this world. Explains God's design for our selves, family, the state (government), education, our founding fathers (history), etc. This is one of the best studies I've ever seen! HIGHLY recommend it.

} Something else I get to do nowadays is watch the sunrise while I'm doing my Bible reading/devotionals/studies in the mornings. So in case you missed it, this was the sunrise yesterday. Woke up just in time for this one!

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Carolee / Home4ever said...

I find since I quit my job, I have no time for anything :-)

Nice pic

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