Monday, February 8, 2010

My First KIA Sunday

Yesterday was my first official Sunday helping downstairs with the elementary at GCC. If nothing else, I'm certainly going to learn how to play again.

They use curriculum, and each month is wrapped around one virtue. February's virtue is Honor. Sunday's lesson was "honor those who are overlooked." David and Goliath was the story to teach the lesson from. And it turned out awesome! We got one of our tallest men in the church to play Goliath - in full armor and weapons!
The lesson called for the leader, Bobby, split the room into halves - the Philistines and the Isrealites. Then they had to each do "war chants." then we got one of the kids on the Irealite side to volunteer to be David. As Sha was dressing David in his costume, Goliath entered complete with grand menacing sounding entry music. All the kids were fairly stunned, but "David's" response to Sha was, "O.M.G."

This went well, David shot Goliath with his slingshot & rock (a rubber ball), Goliath fell flat on his face, and celebration ensued. Bobby took "David" by surprise when he chest-bumped him - and took him off his feet in the process! Needless to say, during the knighting ceremony, "david" was knighted for his heroism and ability to survive Bobby's chest-bumping.
Once the elementary was split into their small groups, we took Goliath to see the toddlers. Their monthly lesson is David & Goliath this month! So when Goalith entered, they all took up their rubber rocks and said, "Let's get him!" Goliath didn't know what he had gotten himself into! But look at this picture...
Since the real Goalith was nine feet tall, can't you just see this as a real example of what the Isrealites look in relation to how big Goliath was. David looked like a 3-year old at the knees of an adult. Amazing!

Then there was the dress! My mom did such a great job. I got to just walk around and promote the room transformation and lesson for the month. I think I'm going to wear this every Sunday this month! How fun will that be!