Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tech Princess

I am now officially a part of the Children's Ministry at GCC. I will get to do a lot of the same kinds of things I do for a concert, only for the kids. It's just a lot of organizing and planning - mixed with a little creativity and cut-loose-ness.

Each month the curriculum for the kids focus on one virtue and for February it's HONOR...Letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. And the creators of the curriculum suggest a theme for the month as well. This month is a castle setting with knights. Well, how can I resist getting crazy with that!? When the kids walk into the KIA room they'll have a big surprise - it won't look like the KIA room they know! And there'll be a real-live princess welcoming them!

I designed my dress, found the material, and got my mom to help me this week since I have so much other projects on my plate. But I still need to make my crown - yes, make. Although I won't be able to find something like this in my collection...

Surely I can find SOMETHING in this mess that will work just as nice.

Maybe. And maybe I should just get my jewelry junk areas cleaned up first.

So if you see a princess in a gorgeous purple and brocade dress Sunday (or any of the Sundays in February) - don't be shy. It's just little ol' me!


Rebecca Jo said...

I totally gotta come check you out Miss Princess!!!! That's awesome!