Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To Spot The Sign To Move Ahead

     Have you ever felt like you were in a rut?  Ever said to yourself in a moment of frustration, "Nothing will ever change!" But once you look back over your life you can see all the changes that have taken place.  And the ruts you thought were there, were only bends in the path you were on.

     I could have written many books about my experiences in life thus far.  Each book would have been representative of a different era:  childhood, adolescence, early career, later career, first house, college and so many other experiences like the one I'm living now as an entrepreneur.  Making that leap of faith to enter into this era of my life was a hard decision to make and stick with.  I absolutely LOVE what I do.  As an owner of Arkham Executive I get to help businesses of all sizes and industries be strategic and grow.  As a representative of Premier Designs Jewelry, I get to help women feel beautiful, be strategic in their personal economies and grow into their potential.  This path is not easy at times.  But anything that has ever been worth it in the end was never easy.  Sticking with the decision I made a couple years ago is helped by seeing some signs along the way to encourage me that I'm on the right path.

    Signs come in all forms and carry messages that you need at just the right time.  Messages that give you an  array of "atta boy," "Enjoy," "Celebrate the small victories," or "It's ok to let it go."  When you get these signs believe them.  Live in them.  Let the messages the signs bring strengthen you to move ahead toward the dream you want to see become reality.

   My latest sign came in the form of a dying jade bonsai tree.  The picture above is a representation of what the tree looked like when I received it as a gift from a friend when my bio-dad died in 2007.  This is what it looks like today.

     This poor little tree has been through a lot since 2007.  Just like me.  It's been moved to new areas.  It's not adjusted quickly, or well.  And according to some message boards I've looked at, I may have really been over watering it thinking it needed more when it was fine with minimal.  This tree has been a reflection of me in this transition era.  The message I'm receiving is that it's time to let go of everything that's holding me back from real growth.  This tree is getting cut to the trunk today to get a fresh start.  That's what I'm doing with a lot of my life now.  I've let go of some relationships I thought I needed.  I'm letting go of limiting beliefs that have kept me grounded for too long.  My word for 2013 is Limitless.  It only makes sense to let go of whatever gives me limits.  Thank you little jade bonsai for encouraging me to move ahead in this journey! And I promise to not over-water you again.