Sunday, July 19, 2015

Slaying The Double-Headed Dragon

I wrote a blog post recently about 5 Ways to Conquer The Deadly D's to help give readers some action items to get out of their "pit."  But I wanted to share here in my personal blog some deeper insight.

I have been plagued my whole life with a feeling of "not good enough."  I know where it stems from, and I recognize it daily.  It affects everything I do, in both positive and negative ways.  When I get distracted and let my guard down, I can feel the attack of "you're a failure, nothing's going to work, why even try," coming on.  That's negative.  When I am more focused, driven, energetic, committed, and confident, I hear in my spirit, "Bring it!"  That's positive. That's why dealing with the distractions that open the door to doubt is the first key in conquering that negative pit of despair. For me, anyway.

But when I hear a friend tell me, "I feel like I can't do anything right anymore, I've lost faith in myself." I go into protective warrior mode for them.  I want to help attack those thoughts and feelings.  To shield my friend from the distracting messages that inundate us all daily.  I want to battle the enemy head-on and slay the double-headed dragon of doubt and discouragement from their heart.  Because that dragon will scorch everything in it's path to destruction.  This warrior queen will fight for her friend.  This protective friend will stand in the gap when they can't stand for themselves.

If you are one that has those same kinds of messages roaming your mind, know I am willing to be in the battle with you.  To fight for you.  To swing the lasso of truth and the sword of strength to bring the dragon into submission.  You are not alone.