Wednesday, July 1, 2015

They're Messing With My Family

If you are in favor of the rebel flag design on top of the General Lee car, you will enjoy this post.  If you were a child of the 80's, you will enjoy this post.  If you were an only child growing up in the 80s and watched Dukes of Hazzard like I did, you will enjoy this post.  If the previous statements don't apply to you, you don't have to read any further.  But in case you do, just know.  These are MY personal observations and opinions.  I am probably going to cuss.  I promise not to call anyone names.  But I am pretty grounded in these thoughts.  Thus, I felt the need to even put this out there.  Ready?  Here we go...

I am an only child that spent a fair amount of time alone growing up because my mom worked her ass off to make sure we had what we needed to survive.  I'm proud of her for that.  For me, characters on TV became more than just characters, they were my friends.  I pretended with them all the time.  There were many adventures with the Superfriends (go figure), Wonder Woman (again, go figure), the Smurfs, He-Man and She-Ra, Thundercats, Mork & Mindy, The Fonz, Bull from Night Court, JR & Bobby Ewing, and the list goes on.

The first time I saw the Dukes of Hazzard, not only did I have a HUGE crush on Luke Duke, Daisy was like a sister to me.  Daisy in her Jeep, Wonder Woman in her plane, and me riding along on all the adventures we could come up with.  The Duke Boys were there when I needed to feel like a rebel tomboy riding in the woods on a motorbike.  Uncle Jesse was a father figure for me when I didn't have one.  And Roscoe and Boss Hogg?  Well, somebody had to be the bad guys. I did love Boss's wife, Lulu. The Dukes taught me that good always prevails, resourcefulness gets you out of some sticky situations, and you don't need money to have a valuable life.  They also taught me that you have emotional attachments with your vehicles and that CB radios are even cooler than cell phones.

But now...there's controversy.  Not over Daisy's short shorts.  Hell, there's a whole style with her name on it.  Not over driving like crazy people on backroads.  I know plenty of people who do - and I've even jumped a hill or two myself.  But the controversy is about the damn design on top of the roof.

NOW - before you get all riled up.  Yes, I get it.  I have heard over and over the opinions and I have read the history.  I have also listened to some people who have had no idea what they're really talking about.  I get it that the REBEL Flag (not the Confederate) has been used by SOME to represent their own cause of hate, violence, and bigotry.  SOME.  Not all.  Not the Duke Boys. If ANYONE on TV at that time had less hatred for people, it was the Dukes.  They taught acceptance of everyone - no matter race, religion, shape, size, background, etc.  MY association with the REBEL flag was one of independence, guts, determination, perseverance, riding in to the save the day, and pride.  PRIDE in being who you are - regardless of who you are.  That was MY association.  Have I seen the rebel flag being used with hate - yes.  Make no mistake, I grew up in Washington County, Indiana.  Where the I remember the first black family moving into the county in decades was wide-spread gossip.  Damn, the Ku Klux Klan revived itself around that time.  Coincidence?  Duh.  And folks - that is geographically considered THE NORTH.  Hatred is NOT just a southern thing.  Hatred is not just a confederate flag thing. Hatred is NOT The Dukes of Hazzard.

Why am I getting worked up?  Simple.  I am pissed at TV Land and Warner Brothers and Amazon and other big companies for pulling PR stunts.  Banning the Dukes of Hazzard.  Seriously.  Give me a freakin' break.  If it was really a controversy - the show should have never made it to the screen to begin with.  And people - pay attention.  Big companies are NOT on your side.  They don't CARE.  They want attention and more money.  Think it through.  Where are the sales of merchandise rising right now?  The flag industry - both Rebel and Rainbow alike.  But no, let's mess with a beloved TV show that promotes acceptance, good wins the day, and helping the little guy.  Again, why am I getting worked up?  They're messing with my family, and even the General Lee is family to me.

Watch the "birth" of General Lee

General Lee even has his own song...


Charlene said...

Terrific post! And yes...people...think it through. What's most interesting to me about the flag is that it represents different things to different groups. If we were united in what it represented then it would make sense to appease the majority and remove it. Yet, I see blacks and whites rallying around it as a symbol for State's Rights. I see the KKK rally around it as a symbol of racism. I see 'rednecks' and southerners rally around it as a symbol of the Rebel. Me? I've never seen it as anything other than a Rebel flag. Something that represents the rebellious and sometimes raucous nature of young adults. Can't say I'm a fan of Dukes of Hazard. But I think it's a shame the show has been cancelled. I'm with you on this and ask that you keep up the good fight :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Preach sister... preach...

I seriously can not believe the stupid extremes that are taken anymore. Its like Ricky & I said the other day, "freedom" is such an abused word in our country anymore. Decisions are made for us that are so STUPID. A TV show from the 70's... is that really going to cause hatred? OH MY GOSH - what is happening?!?!!?

BTW< I was a Bo Duke girl all the way ;)