Monday, February 25, 2008

Divine Focus

Yesterday's entry was totally "me-centered." But since this blog is about more than just daily activities I decided to share what I was thinking. And after having my pity party, I just got to work.

Once I finally got home yesterday I TRIED to get my Thrive message video into production. I even had 2 laptops for "just in case." Well, the video camera I used to do the filming is digital (no tapes), and my laptop will view the clips, just won't import them into the editing program. So I tried installing the editing program on the newer laptop from work in hopes that would take care of it. Nope. Software wouldn't load. So I am faced with having to buy new software today to get this sucker accomplished. But I think it will all work out. Because of the glitch I can't get something done for work either that will come after the Thrive message is finished. So, that means I can get work to buy the software again. So through all this little hiccup - God still provides! And so when I tried to get some auction work done in place of video editing, I realized I hadn't downloaded the images or the copy for the ad - couldn't do that either last night. So I cleaned up computer files and got ready for an early bedtime. Cause since I couldn't get anything done, I was going to work early!

Now, I read before going to sleep most nights. I've recently read two of the Narnia books: "The Magician's Nephew" and "Prince Caspian" - the movie comes out this summer! Now I am reading a book called "God's Eye View" written by Tommy Tenney. The first chaper is titled, "Pick Me Up, Daddy!" It's about feeling like we are 3 years old in a crowded elevator of adults. We want to be able to see what's going on - so we want our dad to pick us up. Well, that's the theme here. Once we are picked up by our dad, the perspective on life drastically changes. And it all starts with worship. One of his points I really liked (and goes with Chad's "vertical thinking"):

"Worship possesses a supernatural ability to correct our spiritual vision problems and bring everything into divine focus."

Divine focus. That's what I needed yesterday that's for sure! And another point he makes is to wait on the Lord. And he uses a popular verse to back it up. But then he makes a twist in what we always think "wait" means. I always think of being still - wait like in a doctor's office. But he reminds me of being waited on like a waiter/waitress. We are to "wait" on the Lord. He follows this up with the concept of blessing the Lord. It doesn't say for the Lord to bless my soul, but for my soul to bless the Lord. What kind of service am I giving the Lord? And what kind of tip would he leave me for my service? Now, I'm a decent tipper - even when the service wasn't that fantastic. So how much more would God bless me when I wait on Him to His pleasure?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your message this weekend!