Friday, February 29, 2008

My Jr. High Moment

Ok - so from previous posts you know I've been longing to get connected with the Jr. High youth coaches. They're just so addictive to be around! Well, God answered my prayer when they asked for my video help. They have a vision for that ministry and for those kids individually - it's awesome to say the least.

Well this week was my first experience in there. All I did was gather some pre-made videos and worked the dvd player. (And I do appreciate the appreciation, but it's all Jesus). Now, I've worked with kids before - when I taught marching band for years. I've been through it all with them - even a girl's "first day as a woman" when she had NO CLUE what was happening to her. But Wednesday night was something I had never experienced before. It was amazing. You can read the fine details in Joe's and Rebecca's blogs. All I can add is that when the night first started I could instantly recognize those kids that weren't really taking it serious (cause we adults have to take everything so seriously). But they were enjoying themselves! And when Ryan & Joe & Rebecca talked, they were quite - among themselves (at least the ones that were in the back with me). But when we started the "Lead Me To The Cross" video - wow. And the leaders were just that - leaders. They went to that cross first and together. And you could tell - arm-in-arm kids were coming to pile in. After about the 5th kid went up - I just broke into tears. Couldn't hold it back anymore. And through the music and prayers that were lifted up - all the kids (but one, and we're praying for him) - went up to lay it all down at the cross.

Wonderful! And I was blessed to be a part of it! And I'm excited I get to continue to help!