Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Never mind a friend calling me after I went to sleep to tell me storms were on their way to me (duh)...never mind Melody (God love her) doing that cat-kneading-thing on my side periodically throughout the night...never mind that I take the good allergy medicine so my throat won't itch at golly I still slept right through the storms - did we really have a storm? By Rebecca's blog we sure did! And from the looks of the new lake outside my bedroom window we did.

When I got up this morning at 5:45 a.m. to walk on the treadmill I thought I was doing pretty good. The cats aren't quite used to it, and well, me neither. But I know it's good for me to get up early to exercise a little and continue it throughout the day. But THIS morning did not shape up like I had hoped. I was doing good, but by the time a got to .40 mile - I started getting a migraine. Surely I'm not allergic to exercise! So I did a 1/2 mile took my last excedrine and a sinus tab and went back to bed for an hour and 1/2. One nice thing about my boss - he's pretty good about us being late if we're feeling horrible - and tells us to stay home if we're contagious. And if I had high-speed internet at home I would have pulled all the shades down and stayed there. But I made it in. Even though it hurts to blink. And you never realized how loud your co-workers are till they start "yelling" to tell you something. I actually had to shush someone....she didn't take it well at first...but she got it and is whispering to me now. I may have to put my headphones on just to drown out the HVAC fans or me typing on my keyboard.


Rebecca Jo said...

See what happens when you start exercising that early? Its bad for you :-)

I like your new Gala Meez - love that 40's style!