Friday, June 13, 2008

What I've Learned Lately...

  • Just because it's not raining doesn't mean the ceiling doesn't still leak when you work on the top floor of a building.
  • Indiana Jones seemingly farcical legend of the crystal skulls is a real legend!
  • Forgiving is much easier than forgetting.
  • Watch where you walk!
  • Itching means it's healing.
  • Life's best soundbites are six words long. "Come to me all who are weary." "And I will give you rest." "Jesus loves me, this I know." 'For me, to live is Christ." "Do this in remembrance of me." "Well done, good and faithful servant." "For such a time as this." "Less of me, more of Jesus."
  • Waiting is the hardest thing to do.
  • "Bible Studies" are no substitute for studying the Bible directly.
  • Mythological creatures of old have recently been determined to be prehistoric animals that really existed (one-eyed cyclops = wooly mammoth bones).
  • Binding Satan out of situations is necessary.
  • Jane Austen is a fabulous author and inspirational for old-fashioned romantics like myself.
  • Cats really can be supportive - even if it doesn't involve a treat.
  • Hell is a very real and scary place, and Heaven is just as real only almost indescribable in it's beauty, peace, magnificence and joy.
  • Having the revelation that God doesn't want to USE me, he wants to KNOW me is liberating, and somewhat hard to get used to. But it makes the waiting much easier.