Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not quite what I planned

Who has not had a perfectly productive weekend planned out only to have it go haywire? One nice thing about my job is 1:00 Fridays. God Bless the Colonel! But with carpooling - sometimes you take your chances. And Friday was not my day to drive. When we finally got ready to leave at 5:00 p.m., I noticed the back tire of her car was running low. Turns out both her back tires had multiple nails in them! So while waiting on the Goodyear tire store to get new tires on her car, we walked to the bookstore and had a nice dinner at Buckheads. And I picked up some new books at the bookstore: Mary Baxter's "A Divine Revelation of Heaven," and "A Divine Revelation of Deliverance," and Anne Weir's "Eleanor of Aquitaine."

So Friday night I started reading a little out of each book. I love getting new books! Even if their old books. And Saturday morning more of them - plus a little cartoon action. I finally started cleaning up the house and figured it was time to get the swing out and the pool started with the emptying process. I even went and got some flowers to plant. All was going well. Even though my cats were somewhat begging me to turn the air conditioning on - I was determined to hold out a little longer.

Then Mom and a friend of hers came over with pizza - ahhh, dinner on the deck. I got a bite of pizze, then got up to put some flowers around the other side of the table and WHAM - fell right through the bad board in the deck. In a split second my leg was all chewed up from the board and I could barely make out shapes trying not to faint. Needless to say - it required a trip to the emergency room. 12 stiches later I am back home with my leg propped up and plans completely changed for the weekend.

I didn't make it to church on Sunday - bummer - or work Monday and Tuesday. I'm back to work today, but I won't be taking anymore pain meds. Stuff is good - but it makes me pretty lightheaded. Needless to say - I got one book totally read (Divine Revelation of Heaven - good stuff), and half of another one. I've caught up on sleep that's for sure. Spent quality time with my cats, Maestro LOVES to lay on someone when he sleeps. And I have to admit, he's adorable when he's snoring. And my mom has been an angel through this. She even planted my flowers I bought and can't get to.


Mike said...

Sounds like you had some real ups and downs lol this past weekend.

Jennifer said...

Ouch! I hope you are feeling better :) By the way, I love Mary K. Baxter. In fact, I have read three of her books (A Divine Revelation of Heaven, ...Hell & ...Spiritual Warfare) multiple times each, but have never read the one on Deliverance. Would you mind if I borrow it when you are finished?